Foize Business Cases

Whether a simple application or a complex End2End solution Foize is committed to advice, create and improve on day to day operation systems and protocols for national and international business leaders in security, home health care, logistics and insurance industries. Below you will find a brief insight on some of our building blocks.

Mobile Applications

Foize has designed the following applications, build to operate on mobile handsets: Foize on Mobile (Callback), Foize Mobile Easy (Callthrough), Foize WiFi (SIP/VoIP based) and Foize on Mobile Short (IP initiated Callback). Contact us for more information

Track & Trace

Foize has developed a simple, low budget Track & Trace application for iPhone and Android. Once the user is logged in, it is possible with a web based tool to exactly determine his or her location. For instance by an emergency room or logistics department. The application uses GPS, WiFi or 3G to localize users. The complete tool can be purchased and installed online, and is ready for immediate use. Contact us for more information

Value Added Services

Several Value Added Services (VAS) can be implemented on top of our basic services. Most VAS can be branded to match our customer’s company style and layout. Contact us for more information

Bandwidth Optimization

The Foize Packet Voice Xcelerator is a bandwidth optimizing solution for Voice traffic. Using a PVx, on both ends of a transmission link, less bandwidth will be consumed. Contact us for more information

Emax net personal security app

For extra personal security, Foize has designed the Emax net personal security app. When in distress, users just simply press the Emax net icon on their smartphone to activate the app and the nearest security guards will be able to localize and come for help. For instance when a user is being attacked, hijacked or molested.

A Track & Trace system using GPS, 3G or WiFi enables the control room and the security guards to determine the caller’s location. Security guards among each other can also see where their colleagues are and call for extra help if necessary. Contact us for more information